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At Mecodels (M-ECO-dels or Me-co-dels), we design and make innovative, sticker-based eco-model kits that can be applied onto your choice of recycled materials and recommended tools (outlined in the instructions) to build popular-themed model crafts.

Our kits  focus on education, eco-friendliness and hobby craft offering a suitable choice for gifts, workshops, schools, clubs, families and enthusiasts.

Key Features:

Uniquely designed model templates with few parts.

Robust and easy to build with customizable options.

Realistic detailed 3D design.

A fun and innovative learning experience.

Play and display your personalized Mecodel.




Why Mecodels?

We want to enable you to have fun using your innovative and creative skills to build, customize and personalize your eco-based model by guiding you on your choice of recycled materials and tools via by step-by-step illustrations and instructions.

We aim to build a range of themed kits, currently starting with WW2 planes in recognition of the RAF centenary. Each kit comes with a quiz for a fun educational eco-learning experience.

Our kits aim to unleash your creative and innovative skills to experience a new to market model building hobbycraft.

"Your Mecodel, YOUR Achievement!"


  • Develop your awareness and resourcefulness of recycling materials
  • Develop your application and skill on using household tools
  • Expand your knowledge through our fun quizzes
  • Improve your cognitive handicraft skills
  • Expand your innovative and creative ideas
  • Increase your mental resiliance
  • Develop your mindfulness skills

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